April 7, 2010

With a little help from a friend

I'm restarting this blog because of Trish.  I discovered her blog (http://blog.trishdeitch.com/) and it pulled the kind of punch I can only begin to verbalize.  I met Trish only once at a Buddhist teaching.  I sat in front of her and a few times almost fell back into her lap.  We were packed tightly in this ballroom, sitting on the floor.  I thought she probably hated me.  It's not pleasant feeling squished, knees bent for hours.  A constant negotiation, can you just move up a little please?  Thank you.  Now, a few years later, I'm falling into the blog lap.   Why not?  I have no idea where this will lead and hopefully my sharp tongue that likes to lascerate with text will restrain itself.  Or maybe I should move beyond hope and fear?

It's late and I still have yet to go ponder impermanence but the fierce wind of distraction caught me here.  Then there's iPhone Backgammon, a newish guilty pleasure.  It's endless.  Mind being the sewer of distraction.

Like Trish said in her debut entry, may this be of benefit.  Thanks Trish.